Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Look Book

The List

Christmas is literally around the corner and wether you've been naughty or nice I'm sure you have a Wish-List. So first up on my List the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Gift Set from Sephora I love wearing men fragrances they smell so good often better than their women counterpart and Light blue is no exception it's mysterious sensual & confident its a definite must have all year round. Si by Giorgio Armani an intoxicating women's fragrance the ultimate body party melts on your skin & will have you fending of the bf/gf on date night and your co workers at the office. On my list of course these Sophia Webster pumps & clutch that need no introduction they speak for themselves and who doesn't need Sophia in their closet? Also making the list a gorgeous statement necklace from Banana Republic featuring one of my favorite colors neon yellow, sure to be a show stopper. Michael has done it again I'm gushing over this Gold watch its so sparkly I love the chunky braided band it not only is an amazing watch but it is a very nice addition to the arm candy section of the vanity. Last of course but not least this Nikon Camera because well I'm a blogger and I need this amazing camera so don't try to tell me otherwise haha. What's on your Christmas Wish-Llist?

-Sexi Lexi

Monday, November 25, 2013

Floral Frenzy

I recently attended my best friend's dinner and I was dying to wear this Floral Sateen Blazer, that I was gifted. I immediately fell in love with the print and used it to pull the outfit together. The printed black and white clutch also gifted created the contrast I was looking for. I drank way too much laughed way too hard needless to say the Party and Outfit were a hit.

Winter is upon us

Considering my and apparently all of America's current Scandal obsession I can't help but gush over Olivia and her über chic outerwear. When most people were on the edge of their seats during the first episode of this season when Fitz, Melie, and Olivia came face to face after "the secret" was out I was in awe of the ever so sleek "White Coat". So I have been on the hunt for some jaw dropping outerwear for myself. I have comprised a list all of which are from Asos (go figure!!) with exception of the Cheetah printed faux fur coat which is from Torrid. Torrid by the way (off topic I know) really stepping their game up I had lost hope for a moment but their last two collections are ahhmaZing. Anyways the moment you've been waiting for (drum roll please) winter wear that speaks for itself. Hope you find something you like.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

23rd Birthday Soirée

Hey love bugs!! I know I haven't posted in awhile I have been busy and honestly haven't had anything "post worthy" but tis' the day after my 23rd birthday so I thought I would post some pics from my small celebration with close friends. I recently took the plunge and cut off all my hair I traded in my stack curls for a fade and let me tell you I love it. I would for sure put cutting all my hair off on the list of best things I've done in my life. Not only did I cut it but I went platinum blonde. I feel so damn good y'all at 23 I am not where I pictured myself but I am happy with who I am and where I am. This year I have over come many obstacles I have done things I've always wanted to do I have been fearless. I realized the life that's out there waiting for you the minute you put your mind to something and commit. The minute you stop caring about what people think and just learn to be yourself is freeing!! I encourage all my readers to do it going into the next year I look forward to many more challenges and triumphs. I also promise to be more consistent with my blogging!! Thank you for reading I appreciate you all so much stay tuned....(mwaHhh)

-Sexi Lexi

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I have been wanting some Frilly socks for forever. Today was my lucky day I walked into Nordstrom and there they were on the mani the most adorable pair of perwinkle socks I have ever seen. They were perfect I had to have em. Naturally I flagged down an associate. " Please tell me you have these socks and that your not just selling a dream" I said to her. You know how they do have something on the mani that brings you into the store only to be told its a display only item. (Ain't nobody got time for that.) She took me to the display and BAM there they were my periwinkle dream I could have screamed I was so happy. I purchased immediately went home put together an outfit and had my gf snap some photos of me. Dreams do come true lol no seriously ya'll I am too happy about these socks. I hope you enjoy

-Sexi Lexi


-Blazer Torrid (old)
-Shoes Truth or Dare Madonna (Macy's)
-Jeans -Eloquii

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What's Old becomes New again !

I recently rediscovered this old coat I bought  from Torrid about 3 or 4 years and I've been loving it. So I decided to pair it with my F21+ skater skirt, boots, and tank. ((serving up fall fashion hunny get into me))

This week has been a trying one and it's only Wednesday. Needless to say I've been to a few happy hours and tried out a few new MartiniZ. I've done a lot of thinking and I came to a few conclusions. My name is Alexus Taylor and I'm pretty amazing if I do say so myself. I have the most amazing and supportive girlfriend. I have the most fabulous funny and loving family and friends. Those things are blessings and sometimes when things are going a little too good something comes and tries to steal that joy. I've decided I won't give them the satisfaction. Nothing and no one will stand in the way of me and my success. I will continue to take all the steps necessary for me to reach my goals. After all nothing says "I told you so" more than success!! So I say this to say to all my readers when things aren't looking too well throw on a fabulous outfit, a red lip & smile through it because it won't last forever! 

-Sexi Lexi


Monday, September 30, 2013

What to wear?

Tartan Suit-Top Shop 
Loafers-Top Shop
Heels-Top shop
Necklace-Banana Republic
Sunnies- Asos
White button up- Top Shop
Blue Oxford- Top Shop

White Jacket-Top shop
Pants- Gap
Heeled sandals -Asos 
Clutch- Asos
Mix Stone brooch-Top Shop
Silver Shoes-Topshop
Black & White Shoe- Asos
White button up- Top shop

Relationships ❤

I've tried to avoid writing on this subject it's like religion and politics you never know who's feathers it's gonna ruffle but I've held off enough. I'd like to think there comes a time in ones life that they will be able to meet people and get to know them and decide rather quickly what works for you and what doesn't. As I get older and dare I say wiser I realize that just isn't the case. I see more and more people of all ages stuck in relationships they don't wanna be in. They use all different things to tie them to that person some say kids other say financial stresses, some are just comfortable, some are clinging to the hope that someday their frog will turn into "Prince Charming". I'm no relationship expert first let me say that but I think a few things are important when entering in a relationship and while in a relationship. The first is honesty. Cliche? I know though you would be surprised how many relationships are lacking just that. Being honest about who you are and being honest about who your partner is. You need to be honest about what your expectations are and what your understanding of your partner or partner to be expectations are. If you are you unable  to be honest about what you want or your comfortability with what your told your going to receive then don't enter into that relationship. People make the mistake of thinking they're going to change people I applaud you for your optimism but if he says he is looking to just f*ck and be friends 9/10 he is looking for just that. No matter how good your loving is it more than likely wont change.

The second thing that is important is when things aren't working and you know you have given your all don't stay in that relationship. It's okay to admit that things aren't working. Your kids won't love you any less for those of us that use the kids as the excuse to stay in the relationship. It hurts the kids more when you stay and argue all the time in from of them.  Kids are getting smarter and smarter and even if you think your doing a good job of masking that something isn't right with mommy and daddy sorry to break it to you but they know. If your excuse is your financial situation it's just that an excuse if you really want to be out of a situation you will do what you have to do to take care of yourself. Staying with someone because you feel that your insufficient all on your own isn't healthy for you or them. Then the biggest of them all "comfortability".  If your afraid of being alone and your in a relationship where your alone anyway how much sense does that make? Love is a beautiful thing. We don't enter into a relationships expecting for it not to work out unfortunately  sometimes it doesn't. Life is short, the quicker we realize what doesn't work and the quicker we rid our lives of toxicity the happier we will be. It won't be easy we all have feelings and sometimes we have so much invested in these relationship years of our life, children, money, and other assets. You have to think about if those things are worth your happiness. If the answer is no then walk away don't waste anymore of your time. I'm not saying you need to make and enemy out of your X. I'm not saying you should be bitter either.The sooner you rid yourself from it the quicker you can move on there is so much life out there. Why would you wanna waste that being unhappy? Some of us think a relationship defines us. Some of us work so hard trying to be a couple we lose sight of our single self.  Never lose sight of who you are. Know that you are enough.

Again cliche.... But the most important relationship is the one with yourself. Love yourself know your worth. Nobody can treat you or make you feel anything you don't let them. Self esteem is important. Spend time with yourself get to know yourself. Really try and understand your needs and wants. Then and only then will you be able to communicate those things to a partner. Who knows you might find  or already have " the one" and if that's the  case send me the invite to the wedding. I love a good reason to buy a new dress!!! 

 Happy Dating! 

-Sexi Lexi

Monday, September 23, 2013


Shoes -Asos
Boyfriend jeans -Torrid
Jacket -Eloquii

What to wear for dress down day to the office??

Do I have it all together?

As 23 quickly approaches ((Nov.20 yayy)) I am faced with the question "Do I have it all together?" When I was younger I used to think life was together by 25 and everything was fine tuned and refined by 30. Well boy was I wrong. I've asked some people when they really felt they had reached adulthood....the responses I've gotten have all been over 30 usually between the ages of 34-40. When I heard that I felt a little relieved here I am just 22 thinking my life doesn't even remotely resemble what I had pictured it to be. I am currently in school to become a nurse although that is not where I see myself for the rest of my life. I love people and I've been told I'm a pretty good nurturer so I figured why not right? I started nursing school about a year ago I will be done in Febuary of next year. With my degree I plan to not only be able to maintain a lifestyle of fabulosity I want to save and peruse my ultimate dream of entering the fashion industry. I'm not sure where ill end up I love fashion journalism I would love to be a fashion stylist anything and everything fashion excites me sounds cliche but very true. I won't stop until I've accomplished all that I imagined.

 To revisit my original question of "Do I have it all together?" The answer is no and I am okay and at peace with that I'm learning and growing and I am very thankful I have the opportunity to do so. Maybe that's where the  life is. Maybe the life is in the "fall" as opposed to the "run". So here is to the mistakes I've made and the ones that I'm sure are soon to come here is to living and know that we won't always have it all figured out. Learning that there is just as much joy in the journey to where your going as it is in your "arriving".❤

-Sexi Lexi

Thursday, September 19, 2013