Monday, June 2, 2014


In the past 6 months I've had a variety of different hair styles I chopped it all of & opted for a fade, I dyed it platinum blonde, I've have a chic blonde bob, I've had super long poetic justice braids  & honestly I've has fun with all the extremes  & everything in between. I am now growing it back I'm not sure how long (lol) but for now that's the movement. Cutting my hair I would still say was one of my best decisions. So many of hide behind what society deems beautiful, long hair being one of them. When your hair is short there is nothing to take away from your undeniable beauty. Nothing to distract anyone from the features that make you uniquely you and if your thinking about the jump I would encourage you to take it & experiment with your look until finding what you like best! Wether short or long I'm sure you will rock it!! Here is a few looks I've tried in case you need some inspiration 

Before the big chop

& after 

Platinum blonde 

Loved these but they were ways too heavy!

This bob was amazing !! DO IT!! 

Happy Styling !! 

-Sexi Lexi


  1. Who made your wig? I need something like it!

  2. It isn't a wig it's a weave & my hairdresser Chloe did!!