Monday, September 28, 2015

Made in America

I know it's been awhile guys don't shoot!! Haha life has been super busy and I'm sure you all know how that can get. I've missed blogging so here I am. I wanted to do a quick recap on a trip I took earlier this month to the Made in America Music Festival in Philly. Let me just first say how awesome Philly was I didn't meet one person I didn't like everyone was super kind and chill. The city is beautiful filled with rich culture awesome museums & delicious foods. The Festival was nothing short of spectacular as well! Don't get me wrong your feet will hurt your shoes will be stepped on ! & you will be hot but it was well worth it all! There were many great performers but we all know why I was there wait for it......BEYONCÉ! & of course she didn't disappoint J.Cole was definitely a favorite for me too. I will be returning next year and I hope to see some of you there. Below are some of the pictures from my trip I hope you enjoy.

Day one of the Festival

Selfie before brunch at Prohibition bar OMG it was so delicious!! 

Day 2 of the festival 
My handsome best friend & I 

 Forgive me all picture were taken on my iPhone!

-Sexi Lexi

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