Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making room at the Table

       Are we as women constantly contraindicating ourselves when it comes to men and relationships? Are we eliminating the men from our table? I can't help but notice when we go out and men approach us the first word that is used is "thirst". "Thirst" a word that has become another wall put up to keep men OUT. Women travel in packs they go no where without their "girls" mall, movies, club just about everywhere. It can be quite intimidating to approach a woman. Once approached we as women immediately put up a wall and electronics barrier one that screams ((keep out)) ((stay away)) at the same time we are complaining  to our girlfriends about being lonely. The men are tired of being turned down clowned by you and your girls or now a days put out on social media as being "thirsty". What is thirsty really a man wanting to get to know you is that "thirsty". A man buying you a drink from across the room is that also "thirsty"? Where is the line between thirsty and interested? How can a Man approach us without being attacked by not only us but our "coven" aka "the girls". We have to look at ourselves sometimes instead of just blaming the men are we making ourselves approachable? Do we assume we know what a man's intentions are before giving him a chance to show you? Now ladies I'm not saying by any means lend your ear to every fool that thinks he is worthy of your time. I'm saying that if we don't want to be lonely if we want a man as much as we say we do we need to make ourselves available. There is nothing wrong with smiling and accepting a kind gesture there is nothing wrong with a conversation not every word exchanged with a male has to mean he wants to fuck. Put the chair back at the table for your man and maybe he will come. Stop listening to your girls that tell you you don't need a man. Relationships aren't about needing someone it's about wanting someone it's only human nature to want love, friendship, and companionship. ❤

-Sexi Lexi!

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