Monday, September 23, 2013

Do I have it all together?

As 23 quickly approaches ((Nov.20 yayy)) I am faced with the question "Do I have it all together?" When I was younger I used to think life was together by 25 and everything was fine tuned and refined by 30. Well boy was I wrong. I've asked some people when they really felt they had reached adulthood....the responses I've gotten have all been over 30 usually between the ages of 34-40. When I heard that I felt a little relieved here I am just 22 thinking my life doesn't even remotely resemble what I had pictured it to be. I am currently in school to become a nurse although that is not where I see myself for the rest of my life. I love people and I've been told I'm a pretty good nurturer so I figured why not right? I started nursing school about a year ago I will be done in Febuary of next year. With my degree I plan to not only be able to maintain a lifestyle of fabulosity I want to save and peruse my ultimate dream of entering the fashion industry. I'm not sure where ill end up I love fashion journalism I would love to be a fashion stylist anything and everything fashion excites me sounds cliche but very true. I won't stop until I've accomplished all that I imagined.

 To revisit my original question of "Do I have it all together?" The answer is no and I am okay and at peace with that I'm learning and growing and I am very thankful I have the opportunity to do so. Maybe that's where the  life is. Maybe the life is in the "fall" as opposed to the "run". So here is to the mistakes I've made and the ones that I'm sure are soon to come here is to living and know that we won't always have it all figured out. Learning that there is just as much joy in the journey to where your going as it is in your "arriving".❤

-Sexi Lexi

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